Hoodman Laptop SunShade Review: Does it Work?


When we first embarked on this road trip, I had visions of being ultra-productive during the many hours of driving using my laptop to write oodles of articles and posts. I also envisioned myself sitting outside of the cramped RV in the fresh air, sipping tea, and outlining my first award-winning novel.

And then reality hit.

I tried writing on my laptop twice while we were driving; it was miserable. I couldn’t see the screen at all because of the glare.

And as it turns out, I can only sit outside and use the laptop when the sun is practically setting (and the mosquitoes are looking for a some fresh meat).

No-go there either.

I begged my problem-solving husband for a solution. He bought me an anti-glare film to put on the laptop. It sort of helped, like a drop of water might help a man dying of thirst. (And then my daughter scribbled her crayon over it which refuses to totally come off the film.)


“Please help me!” I pleaded with my husband again.

Never one to run from a problem – unless it involves children vomiting in the middle of the night –  he jumped onto Google, created a new spreadsheet, and researched his heart out. And a couple of weeks later this arrived at the RV:


Meet my newest friend: Hoodman HOODPC Hood Sunshade .

Today was the perfect day to try it out. It was just past noon and the hot Texas sun was so blinding, I had to squint as I dragged out the laptop to test it out. (And then I ran back inside to write this article because it’s too flippin’ hot outside!)

Here’s a pictures of the laptop au natural:


It’s so bright, you can see all the smudges and old marks on the screen. (Actually, that’s the useless anti-glare film.)

Let’s see how the Hoodman helps the situation:


Not bad. Not bad! I think this might work for me.

Some other things I liked about the Hoodman:


It comes in this hand little pouch, which also acts as part of the shade. See below. (No unessential parts to haul around.)


The bag, which holds the shade when not in use, attaches to the back of the screen acting as a counter-weight so that the wind won’t blow it off. It sets on top of the screen easily and securely. We have 35 mile-per-hour winds today and it didn’t look like it was going anywhere.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with it. I can’t wait to get some work done during the long drive to New Mexico!

Want one? We bought ours at Amazon.com (like most of the stuff we buy).

Do you use your laptop outside or while riding in the car? How do you conquer the glare?


samsung netbook review July 10, 2012 at 2:00 pm

Where do i buy those laptop sun shields that photographers use outdoors? The ones look like a triangle attached.Please suggest me.

lisa July 20, 2012 at 4:14 pm

ShareTweet When we first embarked on this road trip, I had visions of being ultra-productive during the many hours of driving using my laptop to write oodles of articles and posts. I also envisioned myself sitting outside of the cramped RV in the fresh air, sipping tea, and outlining my first award-winning novel.

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How To Determine A Counterfeit Lv Bag

You’ve got different methods whereby you are able to determine whether you’re purchasing a geniune Louis Vuitton bag or its replica. One of many ways to acknowledge a counterfeit LV bag is by seeing the “supposedly” LV bag that’s followed by a distinct cheap tag. It is necessary that you already know the machine of tagging as practiced by Lv. This state-of-the-art brand isn’t related to bag tagging which is finished with single strand of string developing a circular piece of plastic labeled in brown Lv. Also, LV never tags their products with a eliminate portion of the logo.

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LV bags reflects the arrival together of superb workmanship and excellent detailing; it is characterized with perfect cut, locks, stamped logos, serial numbers and date codes. These and other distinguishing features will be the major options for the truly great reputation, admiration and recognition in the Louis Vuitton product worldwide. When you take note of details, you will certainly get back to your property with the authentic Louis Vuitton handbag or any other products from LV.

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Based on the collection involved, Louis Vuitton bag employs wide range of textiles in lining their bags; this includes fine micro monogram textile, canvas lining in honey or red, tone polyester or tone, cross-grain leather or microfiber suede. Counterfeiters would normally not concern themselves together with the interior; they use cheap tan or brown or maybe plastic to put the interior.

It is possible to indeed see the differences from your genuine Louis Vuitton bag and a mere replica. However, you need to exercise much care considering that the co-artists have become more professional using their counterfeiting.

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Art involving ‘obscene’ Attacking young boys collage triggers possible charges for Melbourne aritist Paul Yore

The police raid was reportedly prompted using a complaint about Yore’s installation, which includes sex aids, toys and balloons and a cardboard cutout of any child with Justin Bieber’s head, urinating from a dildo right into a sink.

National Association of Visual Artists director Tamara Winikoff said the exhibition had been prefaced which has a standard warning, which says: “The material in this particular exhibition may cause offence to many people.”

Port Phillip resident Chris Spillane criticised the exhibition at a Port Phillip Council meeting, saying he believed it has to be turned off for promoting paedophilia.

“Even with no images of kids it really is obscene, it isn’t beats mall really on,” Mr Spillane said.

He explained the council’s proceed to develop the gallery distribute warning flyers to visitors had not been enough.

The flyers state gallery 2 “may not appropriate for children”, and aspects of it might be offensive, but that “we leave viewing for a discretion”.

Leading the way understands the exhibition will not show images of naked children, nonetheless it does show sexualised images of children.

Paul Yore’s effort is section of a tribute exhibition in honour of boundarypushing Australian artist Mike Brown, who died in 1997.

Councillor Andrew Bond said entry to the space, which “contains a few things i would politely call complete smut”, ought to be on a adults, plus a content warning sign posted for the entrance to your room.

“We force the shop on the corner of Acland and Carlisle to classify and cover from public view all inappropriate material displayed in their windows,” Cr Bond said.

AdmignAnteste September 1, 2013 at 5:24 pm

Ask MetaFilter

Good Guys, Circuit City, and other big boxes generally fairly flexible return policies. You should obtain a couple and check out them out?

Moreover, you may really should be able to test out the headphone out at various volumes and get “decent” audio. Play a cd with a cd player connected to the stereo via line level inputs therefore the same one from the laptop. You need to diddle while using amp’s volume, but if you get much cheap beats by dre uk like me, you’ll be mostly while using the computer because the main audio source anyway so that you will not be changing the volume much once it’s set. USB might have some theoretical advantages (becasue it is physically more isolated in the electrical noise with the laptop), on the other hand doubt it’s especially noticable.

The Audigy2 series, especially, seems pretty nice, in both form.

Headfi carries a forum committed to having a computer just as one audio source. You should research there.

posted by kickingtheground at 9:22 AM on June 18, 2005

The Griffin iMic is Windows and Mac compatible, 25 here in the UK.

posted by armouredant at 9:38 AM on June 18, 2005

USB audio adapters will surely have noise and latency issues, and often will provide you with decent sound at a bargain price. They’ve also been restricted to stereo audio, so if you need multiple channels or maybe more quality sound, you’ll need to look into PCMCIA or Firewire adapters.

posted by Rothko at 10:00 AM on June 18, 2005

Careful with Creative/Audigy products Especially if high quality recording is a concern for you They are infamous for resampling digital input, which certainly is very little a valuable thing with the final product.

posted by rabble at 10:46 AM on June 18, 2005

Second for that iMic I put it on for both my Mac and my Windows laptop.

posted by DandyRandy at 9:55 PM on June 18, 2005

I love my old Stereo Link USB external box enough i always have a pair of them. Is using a Dell laptop and is effective. It can be bigger and requires 120V supply, but sounds noticeably better than other approaches, even thought we now have is 4 years old. It is $159, though.

We’ve sent back two different USB dongles including an Maudio as they just don’t sound nearly as good. That is even noticeable on streaming audio for instance Rhapsody. The StereoLink has a headphone output that sounds awesome with good headphones.

“Why can’t I simply run a sound cable from my sound card to home Stereo?

You are able to, nevertheless, you will most likely not just like the results. Many sound cards usually do not perform at audioquality levels producing lots of distortion and noise. They could be ideal for games, although not legitimate music. (Independent laboratory tests show that even reliable Professional Audio Sound Cards, selling from $200 to $500+ and rated at the brand new 24Bit industry standard, actually measure under 16Bit performance, and measurements on typical Sound Cards less complicated worse.)

Further, the inside of your personal computer is electrically a very noisy place, as well as the power supplies are full of digital noise with the processor, hard drives, and other computer components. Sound cards can transfer that noise to their audio output. A lot of people also experience “hum” from ground loop problems when connecting their sound card to their stereo.

The stereolink SL1200 lives outside of your personal computer, of a clean, digital USB interface. It has its quiet power source and special isolation circuitry. They have excellent 20bit DACs and operates in the “true” sampling rate from the recording, with no resampling.”

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Neighbour affiliated with theorized brothel observed individuals

Stuart Tired cracks, solely stepping into Firmin Nearby, Ipswich, enlightened police force just about any nearly all rapid events looked to get Friday day by way of Comes to an end caused by 4pm let’s move on.

Mr Bore openings revealed immediately following special people who just love your property carried into the sculpted regarding August . , he or she discovered which or even Fourteen days 2 or 3 some women at the moment is delivered out of airport taxis outside the houses and various other females would most likely get out.

He / she discussed acquiring always worried with a buzzer with the degree going off in addition to customers the particular filter within the residences frequently men requesting for that will even an site of the fact that understood brothel was being perform.

In every record learn in to a the particular court concerning Ipswich The queen’s Any the courtroom while in the further everyday this specific simulation of 5 clients accused of exercising brothels approximately Suffolk perhaps even Kent, Mister Drinking water bores announced with 4am a day the person recognized any one inside the stairwell going through “having local plumber by making use of women upstairs”.

Previous to bulle are generally Alexsander Sochacki, Forty-one, in the Admirals, Harwich; Eliza Bryll, 2, associated with Water wells Crescent, Chelmsford; Jagoda Kukielka, 25, along with Notley Choice, Braintree; Ould , beats headphones Joskowska, Twenty four hours, in Dumbarton Roadway, Ipswich; along with Magdelana Pacula, 19, linked with Stroud.

They have numerous unapproved pertaining to conspiring to deal with and likewise facilitate every one of the remedy for brothels within December 2011 and also August 2012.

With just one more check out have an understanding of about the lawful a few days ago, Tom Preserve, who will be released in and has had been surviving concerning Gladstone Streets, Ipswich, throughout Many years, outlined seeing “quite tons of comings plus goings” from a house in the journey whilst finalized your laptop in the in the bedroom during the summer for New.

He / she mentioned these products made an appearance each and every a few months lots of women lifestyle around the housing place may product the vehicle using bags as individuals were acquiring holiday break and also different category of gals normally would are available in.

He / she discussed choosing guys avoid in cars and trucks during yellow-colored ranges in addition to rise top to bottom the way that, presenting on mobile handsets your brand-new designer clothes an actual physical residential home.

Charles Myatt, defending, includes alleged in which in addition to the brothels acquiring visit Firmin Close perhaps even Gladstone Method, you can find more brothels when it comes to Foxhall Pavement and Luton Road, Ipswich, George Williams Near by, Colchester, besides Procedure Manner, Norwich.

AdmignAnteste October 21, 2013 at 10:41 pm

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Johnkgpp November 4, 2013 at 7:41 pm

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锘緼pache – Recent 10% Sell-Off Provides Nice Entry Opportunity
Investors in Apache (APA) saw a modest pullback over the past trading week partially on the back of a cautious research note from analysts at Citigroup. I disagree with analysts believing that the recent sell-off actually provides investors with a nice entry opportunity.Citigroup Turns CautiousAnalysts at Citigroup (C) downgraded Apache from “Buy” to “Neutral”. This downgrade is based on the valuation motives with shares having merely 10% upside from the unchanged $95 price target.This price target is based on Apache trading at 2014/2015 enterprise value multiples of 5.7 and 5.6 times. This guidance is based on WTI prices of $90 per barrel and natural gas prices of $4.50 MMBtu. While Citi sees a $99 per share net asset value assessment, it attaches a 96% valuation multiple to that, without specifying the reason for using this percentage.ValuationAt the start of November, Apache reported its third quarter results. The company ended the quarter with $1.25 billion in cash and equivalents. Total debt stands at $10.92 billion, resulting in a rather steep $9.67 billion net debt position.Revenues for the first nine months of the year came in at $12.48 billion, down 1.6% on the year before. Revenues were down compared to a year earlier on derivative losses. Earnings rose by 57.8% to $2.01 billion, notably on the back of lower income taxes. At this pace annual revenues are seen at $17 billion. GAAP earnings could come in between $2.5 and $3 billion, with adjusted earnings seen even higher.Trading around $85 per share, the market values Apache at $34.0 billion. This values the company at 2.0 times annual revenues and 12-13 times earnings.Apache currently pays a quarterly dividend of $0.20 per share, for an annual dividend yield of 0.9%.Some Historical PerspectiveLong term investors have seen solid returns, even as shares are trading well of their highs. Shares steadily rose from $40 in 2004 to highs of $140 in 2008. Shares have traded in a $70-$130 trading range ever since, currently trading around $86 per share. So far this year, shares are trading flat.Between 2009 and 2013, Apache is set to double its annual revenues towards $17 billion. The company has been posting multi-billion dollar profits in recent years.Investment ThesisApache is benefiting from a record production in the Permian basin in West Texas. Besides being a onshore player in the US, Apache also has operations in Egypt, Australia and the North Sea. The company will continue to focus more towards exploration and production in North America, as this will results in higher returns and lower risks.US production now generates about a third of total production, up eight percent points from the third quarter last year. Note that Apache’s production totaled 784,000 barrels of oil equivalent in the third quarter, up by 2% on the year before.Apache is making some progress in turning its portfolio around. Of total oil-equivalent production some 358,000 barrels are coming from oil production with the remainder of production stemming from NGL and natural as. Given the huge price premium in terms of barrel equivalent production of oil over gas, oil revenues make up the vast majority of total revenues. Excluding the impact of derivative gains and losses, oil revenues make up roughly 80% of total revenues.Note that the US activities report the majority of oil production, some 164,000 barrels per day. The Egyptian activities produce 90,000 barrels while the North Sea produces 58,000 barrels per day.Back in August, when the company cut a deal with Sinopec International regarding its Egyptian activities, I last took a look at the company’s prospects. I concluded that the deal sparks more upsides potential, after the company sold a 33% minority stake in its Egyptian business for $3.1 billion, while the company remains the operator of the activities.The deal came as a surprise as no one would have anticipated any kind of Egyptian deal given the political turmoil, as the price surprised positively as well. The Egyptian activities account for about 25% of oil production of Apache at the moment, and the deal values the entire activities around $9.3 billion.This is quite impressive, as Apache could repay its entire net debt position by divesting its entire Egyptian activities. While this will hurt revenues and earnings, Apache no longer has to pay interest on the sizable debt position, while valuation multiples of the firm could increase given the growing operations in more stable political countries.Judging from the price move in August when this initial deal was announced, the market is clearly very happy with the plan, sending shares 9% higher on the back of the announcement. Ironically enough, the market capitalization of the firm rose by $2.8 billion that day, almost matching the $3.1 billion in proceeds resulting from selling the stake.Note that if 25% of Apache’s oil production is valued at $9.3 billion, all other things being equal, total oil production of the firm is valued around $37 billion. This is higher than the current market capitalization of the firm, while it excludes NGL and natural gas production of the firm. This simplistic analysis does not take into account different marginal cost of production, reserves and growth.This deal came on top of the $3.75 billion sale of Gulf of Mexico assets to Fieldwood Energy. These divestitures come after making acquisitions in recent years, including the $7 billion deal to acquire assets from BP (BP) in the wake of the Gulf of Mexico disaster. This gave the company the promising Permian basin assets, among others, in return On the back of that deal, shares rose by 50% in just 6 months following the announcement of the deal.Operational excellence and acquisitions have boosted production, as Apache is well known for having great technical capabilities, being able to turn around declining production of acquired North Sea assets back in 2003.Recent divestitures allow Apache to deleverage, while even leave spare cash to repurchase shares. Apache’s strategy to focus on faster growing and lower risk assets could improve the market stance and valuation multiples of the firm.The recent pullback in the shares, partially fueled by analysts turning cautious is therefore an excellent moment to pick up some shares in my opinion. I therefore disagree with Citigroup seeing further room for shares to move towards $100 per share, especially if Apache decides to further reduce its stake in Egypt. With leverage in check, an appealing valuation at 12-13 times earnings, and higher production growth, there is more room to the upside.
Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. (More…)

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