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What I have found is that you only need a few useful things when traveling. These are some of the things we do own, use and love.

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As soon as my kids are old enough, I teach them how to regulate their ear pressure during take-off and landing while flying. (Pinch nose while blowing through closed lips & wiggle jaw.) Before they could do this, I would employ gum, drinks and candy. Sometimes, though, you have a child who is especially sensitive to the pressure and this can become a nightmare for you both (especially during landing!). We have used EarPlanes for some of our kids with great success. They are ear-plugs that are specially made to regulate the air pressure in their ears. The work like magic, and you only have to slip them in just before take-off or the initial descent. Most walk-in stores only carry the Adult Size, so you have to order the child-size online.


Gotta a baby or toddler? Do you really feel like lugging a stroller and a car seat with you on a trip?

We’ve used the Sit ‘N’ Stroll 5 in 1 Car Seat and Stroller Combination for a few years now and love it. I’ve flown internationally with a newborn, infant, and a very cranky toddler, and have used this device in airplanes, airports, badly made sidewalks, taxi cabs and in restaurants (as a booster). We now use it as our main car seat for Clara. As a car seat, it’s very comfy and good for long drives since it has built-in neck pillows. (When she’s tired, Clara will yell, “pillow!” meaning that someone needs to adjust the pillows so she can sleep.) If you want one, look on for a used one first and make sure to get one with the shade.


Traveling means exposing yourself to many things. Some of those things include nasty germs that will ruin your trip fast. I load up on Emergen-C Vitamin C Fizzy Drink Mix to keep our immune systems strong (and this seems to be working!).
I recommend that you take one (and give one to your child) at least once per day 1-2 weeks before leaving, and then once per day during the trips. (On the plane, let them mix it in soda or juice if you’re so inclined.) You’ll be amazed how many germs they can touch, lick and roll around in without getting sick.

The price for one box at is very good. (Wal-Mart is about the same price but lacks the variety of flavors.)


After a few unsavory experiences with hotel cribs, we went on the hunt for the best travel crib and found it.  BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib is heads-and-tails above anything else you can get out there, and we still use it everyday for Clara in the RV. (Not as big as a play-pin, but plenty of room to sleep, and she’s a big toddler.)

It’s made from all non-toxic (breathable) materials, is washable, easy to store and assemble, and is super light and compact for travel. In the RV, we put an extra memory-foam pad on the bottom. You won’t find many of these used for sale because owners keep them. (I’m keeping mine!) Note: You don’t have to buy the advertised fitted sheet sheet since a regular crib sheet fits fine (that’s what we use).


As a side hobby, I try to convince every single person I know to buy a Flip UltraHD Video Camera . (I don’t work for the company, but I should.) Here’s why: 1. It’s so light and small, you will bring it with you more often than not, whereas you’re more likely to leave behind your $800 video camera; 2. It’s relatively cheap, so you don’t have to live in a constant state of worry that it will break (it’s pretty hearty regardless!); 3. The quality is amazing. (High Def); 4. Instead of home movies sitting in the dustbin of your computer, they will get shared with those you love. Why? Flip’s built-in software will allow you to email or upload videos in a snap, automatically reformatting them to a smaller size. (Whereas your expensive camera will not.)

Whatever you do, don’t buy a knock-off. I know at least two people who have done that with very sad results.


When you’re on the road or flying, it’s important to have some special treats around to keep the kids happy. Instead of giving them junk (which will make them more irritable) hand out a couple of Yummi Bears Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Gummy Bears.

I keep a pocket full of delicious gummy vitamins like these when we travel and the kids have no idea they are secretly getting healthy. ::evil laugh::


I have a 6-year-old perfecting her handwriting and a soon-to-be preschooler who will soon be learning to write letters and numbers as well. I had read the amazing reviews on the LeapFrog Scribble and Write and thought we would give it a shot on the trip back from the east coast. It was an instant hit, and even the older kids took turns practicing their letters and numbers on the doodle pad. I don’t like giving kids too many gadgets, but this one is educational, simple, fun and easy to bring along.

I bought mine at Wal-Mart for $20, so the price at Amazon is cheaper if you order enough to get the free shipping.


Confession & Recommendation: We do use affiliate links for some products which means we make a small percentage if you buy via these particular links. But as much as the greedy part of me would love for you to buy every single item I recommend, the frugal part of me would rather you check your library or Craigslist first and just get them for free or for very little. The next best place is  (cheapest prices and fastest shipping!), and that’s why I link there most of the time.