Sell Your Stuff/Minimalism

The first ingredient to changing your life and doing something radical, is to let go of extra junk that’s holding you back. Clutter steals your time, creativity and most of all, your money. Convert your junk into cash and make a new start. It’s a win-win-win decision.

Here are the best-of-the-best tools for jump-starting your new life. (Best of all, they are all digital guides so they won’t add to the clutter.)

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    fulldisplay_250 Gotta a pile of stuff to sell & want to get it sold fast for the most money? Adam Baker sold off the contents of his entire house and took careful notes. He spent a year putting together this complete, one-of-a-kind system that walks you through each step, including individual guides for selling on Craigslist, eBay & Amazon (the Big Three, as we call them in our house).

    Sell Your Crap: Turn Your Clutter into Cash has 4 guides, 328 pages, & 110 screenshots. Learn more at Adam’s website,


    minimalistguide The author of presents his simple e-book for living a minimalistic life covering all aspects of your life, from clearing out clutter and fine-tuning your possessions, to diet and finances.

    The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life is a life-changing, easy-to-understand guide I highly recommend to anyone wanting to make a radical change. 


    zentodone From the Introduction: “The book was written for those who want to get their lives organized and actually execute the things on their to-do list.”

    I’m in my mid-thirties and just beginning to realize the power of simple productivity habits. I wish I had read Zen To Done 10 years ago, but happy to have it now.