Are Other Families Fulltiming in an RV?


Yes! There are plenty of others as crazy adventurous as we! When we first talked about selling off almost everything we own and moving into a 300 square foot tin can on wheels, someone recommended we check out this cool website:

There you can see other people (who don’t seem crazy at all) living in their RVs with big kids, little kids, babies, dogs, cats and all walks of life. Each family profile has a travel blog listed, so with just one click you can get a taste of the RV life. Some live in high-end six figure rigs, and others are sleeping in converted buses with psychedelic custom cabinets. You can read how they make a living on the road (or how they barely scrape by!), educate their kids (or “road school”) and where they’re traveling to next.

The overwhelming impression I got from reading several blogs? Despite the differences between each family, they share an enthusiasm for life and the freedom to explore it no matter what convention might dictate. There is a shared distain for materialism, and a common viewpoint that more time and less living space equals closer relationships, more meaningful experiences and increased intimacy with your loved ones.

Who knows, maybe I’ll see your family profile there someday.

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Stephanie February 16, 2011 at 5:52 am

My husband and I (along w/ our two little girls) just started our RV adventure on February 5th…and we look forward to meeting many families on the road in the upcoming year. :)

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